The wrap-up

The final few days of my course were a flurry of essay-writing, performance-going, awkward goodbyes and lots of mixed feelings. Wednesday night we had our last class excursion to see Macbeth. It was an interesting experience in lots of ways, but mostly because it disproved my ‘British theatre is infallible’, Aussie cultural cringe thing I’ve had going on. It’s the second very average amateur version … Continue reading The wrap-up

Ze birthday

Well well well. After ringing in my birthday in the charming company of Destiny’s Child and strawberry and pistachio cake, how could it have possibly gotten any better from there? Surprise cards and presents from my class and surprise cupcakes arriving at lunchtime were a pretty good start! Little did I know, my Mum had gotten in touch with my tutors when I first arrived … Continue reading Ze birthday

On the cusp of twenty-one

So I’m sitting in my flat in London, surrounded by mess organised chaos – surprised, Mum? It’s dark and windy outside and it’s been cloudy all day – not dissimilar to the birthday weather I’m used to! In Australian time I’m already 21, but my English birthday won’t arrive for about another hour and a half. It’s a funny sort of limbo to be in, as this whole … Continue reading On the cusp of twenty-one

Hangin’ out for the weekend

Last weekend was (mostly) full of high points for me. On Saturday I went off on a day trip with others from my course to Oxford and Windsor and then on Sunday I caught up with rellies at the urban beach thing that’s going on at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. In regards to Saturday, I loved both Oxford and Windsor’s history and all the … Continue reading Hangin’ out for the weekend

Hugh Grant and Kate Middleton

On Friday I took myself off to Notting Hill first thing to hit the markets early, because that’s what all the travel sites/books told me to do to miss the OUT OF CONTROL CROWDS. Well, I certainly must have missed them because Portobello Road was pretty bare. It lacked any particularly dynamic atmosphere and I found most of the stalls a bit tacky. But! Some … Continue reading Hugh Grant and Kate Middleton

Sunday done (almost) right

Sunday morning I attempted to line up for cheap tickets to see Matilda – they release 16 for each show at 10am on the day of that show. Unfortunately I was number 18 and the next tier of pricing (still restricted view seats) was about £40 ($80AU) more. On the brighter side, I got chatting to the girls in front of me in the line … Continue reading Sunday done (almost) right

Markets and Chekhov

Last Saturday I got a few jobs out of the way early and then headed out to mooch around a few markets. First up: Lower Marsh Market and coffee at Four Corners Cafe (so hipster wow). Then I bused up north to Marlyebone to Cabbage and Frocks Market and shopping on Marlyebone High Street. I didn’t buy much… Oh, except the entite Cath Kidston store. … Continue reading Markets and Chekhov